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Masego is that movement. It’s a grand, eloquent, and somewhat mischievous one, from an artist who thrives on mixing contemplation with extroversion, smoldering romance with knowing humor, studied musical discipline with exhilarating flights of intuition. For this deeply collaborative work, Masego sought out what he calls the “outliers, the savants” – people like Kelvin Wooten, Louie Lastic, Richie Souf, Monte Booker, WaveIQ and Rocaine

1. Black Anime
2. Sax 5th Avenue
3. What You Wanna Try
4. Afraid of Water
5. Down In The Dumps
6. You Play With My Heart
7. Remembering Sundays
8. Who Cares Anyway
9. Bye Bye My Love
10. Say You Want Me
11. Two Sides (I’m So Gemini)
12. You Never Visit Me
13. In Style
14. Eternal Sunshine (Firepit)